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Time to Trim

With Summer upon us and the show season finished here in Australia
its time to think of getting your horses feet in great condition what
better time to take shoes off and go barefoot, if your horse is shod,
and do some tidy up trims on your barefoot horses.

have evolved over 65 million years and during that time they developed
the ideal hoof to travel vast distances over a wide range of terrain,
sometimes a speed, in order to survive. Their hooves are truly a
wonderful thing that given the opportunity will regenerate and recover
even from years of shoeing, bad trimming and even founder.

So why not take the time over summer to do some tidying up on your horses feet, if they need it, 🙂

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To get you started on the right path here is a link to some videos and websites that have some good information. And, if you want to get some one on one advice, why not ask Peta Patterson on Ask the Expert just submit your photos and you will receive recommendations on how to trim for free, a great service for those of you new to trimming your own horses.

Some Great Links

Advice from Peta Patterson : 
Click Here

Here is a Video that gives a step by Step instructions on how to trim 
Click Here

And another good trim demonstration 
Click Here

Some great books on trimming are (click to view more details)

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