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Mosquito Control

I received a request from a lady asking about what methods there were to control mosquitos and I thought I would share my findings here:


for the interesting idea, hadn’t thought much about the mosquitos as I tend to
put repellent on as soon as I go outdoors.

looked into it and came up with some options there is a interesting page on
mossies which you can find at

All the
suggestions seem rather pricey to me and since CO2 seems to be one of the
things the mosquito hones in on I would imagine that a horse would put out far
more CO2 than the machines would and therefore would be a more attractive
target for them.

that something that would work and be safe around horses is to put a couple of
drops of oil on the top of all open water if this is possible. Mosquitoes breed
in stagnant water and the oil prevents the lava from breathing yet would not be
harmful to the horses.From what I found
eliminating the breeding places seems to be the best form of control as they don’t
appear to fly any great distance so that may be the best form of control.

As a repellent
I have used is Cotex which has pine oil and pyrethrum in it and that seems to
repel most things as well but you will need to reapply at least daily.

You can
find more information on the Cotex here

this helps

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