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Spring is Here … Time to get Grooming

Spring is here …  Time to get Grooming

Spring Cleaning

So Why Groom?

So why Groom? It is a lot of work and it is definitely
easier to just hose off after working your horse. So why do it?..

Well it promotes good health in the horse, bring oils to the
coat and promoting a shine you cant beat. It is the best way to stay in touch
with yours horses body and allows you to be instantly aware of any changes or
problems and….best of all it is quality time with your horse.

So why not put the hose away a few days a week and spend some
quality time you wont regret it 🙂

Some Great Grooming Tips and links

How to give your horse a deep down clean
Click to read article

Here is a great video how to as well 

A fabulous book on grooming is

World-Class Grooming for Horses:  The English Rider’s Complete Guide to Daily Care and Competition by
Cat Hill,Emma Ford

When owning, training, riding, and showing horses, there is a certain
“look” to which one aspires. Often it is set by the horses seen on
television, at special events, in public performances, and in top
competition around the globe. World-class “turnout”—a horse in peak
condition, perfectly coiffed and luminous with good health, outfitted
with gleaming and well-fit tack appropriate for his sport—literally
takes your breath away. …..
Click to Read More

I hope you are inspired to “break out the brushes” and your horse will be looking like a masterpiece in no time.  Happy grooming 🙂

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